Thanks so much for participating in Frosty’s Friends this holiday season. We have granted all of the wishes from children in the program and look forward to working with you again in 2014!

About Frosty's Friends
There are so many children in need of joy and cheer all over the world – and so many here in our own New Jersey neighborhoods. Jersey Cares connects agency partners' children in need with Frosty's Friends volunteers.

How the Program Works
Each participating volunteer or group of volunteers will receive letters written by children (or pictures from those under the age of 4) between the ages of 4-16. Volunteers then purchase a gift by Wednesday, December 18, 2013 and mail it directly to the child via the agency. The recommended price range of gifts is $25-$40.

Agencies Receiving Gifts - Please click here to register to receive gifts from Frosty.
Individuals/Groups/Companies Providing Gifts - Frosty's Friends volunteers may participate as Individuals or in a group. If you participate in a group, please nominate one person to be your head Frosty. You may register online once you or your group has registered, you will receive your letters. Please send your gift(s) in time to reach the agency no later than Wednesday, December 18, 2013.

Letter Reading Projects
Throughout the month of November and December, volunteers are needed to review the Frosty's Friends letters in our office before distributing. Please check the November and December
Volunteer Opportunity Calendar  for dates and times.
Holiday Parties
If you are interested in hosting a holiday party at an agency from which your children's letters have come, please contact Stephanie Asymkos in the Jersey Cares office at 973-424-1091 or to be matched with a local partner.

The Children
The children receiving gifts are from shelters and other non-profit organizations that have programs for children in need. Some of these agencies also benefit from Jersey Cares monthly calendar projects, corporate service projects, the First Night Kit Program or the Annual Coat Drive. Participating agencies are located throughout the state. If you prefer to deliver your gift in person, please specify this upon registration so we can match you with an agency in your area.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide children's personal addresses or last names; all communication must go through our agency partners for security reasons. Each letter or picture will labeled with the originating agency's information including a contact name and number for any specific questions.