The Corporate Volunteer Council works as a networking tool for corporations to exchange ideas and best practices on how to manage their corporate volunteer programs

About the Jersey Cares Corporate Volunteer Council

The Jersey Cares Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC) is a network of businesses dedicated to improving the community and effectively addressing social problems through active employee volunteer programs. CVC members share effective practices for strengthening their employee volunteer programs and opening new avenues for workplace volunteering to address real community needs. Through the Jersey Cares CVC, corporations will develop impactful and dynamic relationships with each other as they collaborate, share and discuss their own experiences in managing employee volunteer programs. Through the exchange of ideas, best practices and an active commitment to the community, the Jersey Cares Corporate Volunteer Council is determined to create an increased awareness of the importance of civic engagement and produce positive changes within the community.

Goals of the Jersey Cares Corporate Volunteer Council

  • To advance the role of volunteerism in corporate communities.
  • To improve our members' capacity to support their own volunteer programs.
  • To serve as a resource for companies initiating or expanding volunteer programs.
  • To support the proliferation of employee volunteer programs.

Quarterly Meeting with Presentations on Relevant Topics

  • Share program information on Jersey Cares CVC members.
  • Explore models of Employee Volunteer Program development and policies.
  • Highlight effective volunteer recruitment strategies.
  • Discuss utilization of media communication and other technologies.
  • Help members to meet business priorities through employee volunteer programs.
  • Guest speakers on timely and relevant topics.

Benefits of the Jersey Cares Corporate Volunteer Council

  • Networking with other companies that support employee volunteer programs.
  • Exchange of ideas on and best practices of employee volunteer programs.
  • Addressing of questions and concerns of existing employee volunteer programs and problem-solving for success.
  • Information on other Jersey Cares CVC members' employee volunteer programs membership directory.
  • Recognition of outstanding individuals and companies who exhibit standards of excellence.
  • Ongoing evaluation of efforts and effectiveness through surveys and discussions.

How to Get Involved in the Jersey Cares Corporate Volunteer Council

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Jersey Cares Corporate Volunteer Council, please contact Michelle Dee at (973) 533-1993. The annual membership fee for the Jersey Cares Corporate Volunteer Council is $50 (If you are a sponsor of Jersey Cares, the membership fee is waived).