BNP Builds Bikes for the Holidays


For many people, the holidays are a time to give back to the community, and BNP Paribas is doing just that. Thanks to their generosity, the holidays will come early for 325 children at numerous non-profits in the New York/New Jersey area when they are gifted with brand new bikes of their own! While bike building definitely does not fall under their job description, volunteers were committed to becoming bike mechanics for the day. It was truly an amazing sight to see – watching a pile of parts transform into a fleet of shiny new bicycles. With the help of our amazing partners from The Bike Store, each bike is meticulously inspected to ensure that they last for years to come. Thank you, BNP Paribas, for another year of spreading holiday cheer!

Alexion’s Global Day of Service

Early this November, Alexion Connecticut-based employees joined their colleagues from around the world in the company’s 2017 Global Day of Service. Over 240 dedicated individuals banded together to leave a lasting impact in their local community. Although it was one of the coldest days we’ve had this season, volunteers spent their time both indoors and outdoors at Celentano Biotech, Health, and Medical Magnet School and the Wallingford Emergency Shelter, a program of Columbus House. Outdoors at Celentano, volunteers were hard at work building benches and picnic tables to create outdoor learning spaces, bringing new life to the line games on the toddler playground, installing a music wall to encourage creativity during recess, and laying fresh mulch to help the new plants thrive during the cold season. Indoors, volunteers spent their day engaging over 500 students in educational workshops, painting countless murals around the building, and transforming a room into a calming space for students with behavioral issues. Students and teachers alike were amazed at the work that was done in just one day.

Over at the Wallingford Emergency Shelter, volunteers assisted in preparing the shelter for their seasonal opening. Alexion volunteers were laying down vinyl flooring and painting murals to create a welcoming entryway, building storage shelving, and putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls of the bathrooms. Outdoors, they were lending some TLC to the landscaped spaces in the front of the building and painting the awning. Volunteers assisted even further by creating hygiene kits and blankets in their offices that will be distributed to individuals as they enter the shelter in an effort to make their first night more comfortable. The Wallingford Emergency Shelter is now in tip-top shape and ready to serve the area’s homeless population! Overall, it was apparent to anyone who witnesses the day’s events that these volunteers were dedicated to making a difference in their community and in turn the day was a huge success! Thank you, Alexion!

BNP Gives Back through Volunteer Week

Being a true champion of change means pushing yourself to the limit for the greater good. This October, the employees of BNP Paribas exemplified this mentality by completing 8 volunteer projects in one week! Volunteers traveled across the state, visiting schools, camps, parks, and farms to make a positive impact. Change was visible everywhere they went. At  local schools, colorful line games transformed blacktops into kid-friendly play spaces, interactive workshops fostered the importance of STEM and created positive relationships for students, and furniture was built to create more inviting places to learn. Volunteers at Camp Liberty transformed a room into a pirate ship for their annual Fall Celebration, all while completing Fall landscaping and adding pops of color by planting mums. At Liberty State Park, volunteers raked leaves, planted seasonal flowers, and prepared the garden areas for the season. Volunteers also took a trip to City Green where they harvested crops and painted new murals in the goat pens! BNP even took a group of students to the National Museum of Mathematics in an effort to get students excited about learning outside of the classroom! Throughout the week, these volunteers showed that they were dedicated to being champions of change, and for that the community is forever grateful. Thank you, BNP Paribas!


Fidelity Transforms Jersey City School

Fidelity volunteers were dedicated to making their first Transformation Day at PS 24 a great one! New benches, picnic tables, fresh flowers, and a fence cup mural created a beautiful and inviting garden space for the entire community. A small plot next to the school was also weeded and raked in preparation to become an outdoor learning area for students. Inside, country flags that represent the students’ nationalities, were painted and hung in the windows of classrooms, and the main stairwell now exudes school pride thanks to freshly painted maroon and gold glass panels. The Champ’s Corner – a room used for students with learning disabilities – became a safe and calming multi-sensory space with tables, chairs, standing desks, and other materials to help children self-manage their behavior. Perhaps most importantly, a strong connection was made with students during Chocolate Bridge Building, Balloon Rocket, and 3-Doodler Workshops. Not only did students have fun and learn about STEM, but they are already looking forward to next year!

Kicking Off Bayer’s National Community Service Day

Bayer volunteers participated in the company’s first National Community Service Day by simultaneously volunteering at three different sites. Employees typically spend their days making innovations in areas like health care and agriculture, so it’s no surprise that they wanted to do the same in their community. Volunteers made a commitment to impact people, pets, and plants in continuation of their mission of “Science For A Better Life.” They made a positive impression on the Paterson School 2 community, building picnic tables, working with the students, and transforming their staff lounge. Volunteers made the school a brighter, happier space for students and staff alike! For our furry friends – volunteers hand-crafted toys, beds, and food bowls. Tails were wagging when the items were donated to St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center! Spending their time outdoors, volunteers at Branch Brook Park assisted with weeding, mulching, pruning, and the removal of invasive species along the waterfront. It was a beautiful day for some beautification!

Ferring Pharmaceuticals Lends Some Love


Many children living in the Morris County Youth Shelter are escaping crisis situations and do not know how long their stay will be. Ferring Pharmaceuticals’ goal was to make the shelter look a little more like “home” and by the end of the day, there was a remarkable difference. Volunteers took great care in their work, painting colorful images on planters and transforming the front entrance of the shelter with fresh flowers and mulch. It is amazing how a little TLC goes a long way, and these volunteers came with a lot of love to share! They went above and beyond to ensure that each child who enters the building feels welcome. Thank you, Ferring Pharmaceuticals!




Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Eli Lilly’s Global Day of Service

Once every year, Eli Lilly employees around the world come together to act upon a common desire to serve the local schools, parks, and non-profits that form the backdrop of their local communities. Ceremonially shedding their lab-coats for bright-red t-shirts, these hard-working professionals took their raw passion of helping create life-saving medications and channeled that feeling into providing a meaningful and lasting impact into classrooms and hospitals alike. Through their efforts, upwards of 400 Eli Lilly employees living and working in New Jersey volunteered at 13 different agencies simultaneously to create one of the most successful and impactful days of service in their 10 years of giving back. While we can physically see the impact of their work through the picnic tables they created at The Arc of Middlesex County or the beautiful flowers volunteers planted at Hunterdon Medical Center, the emotional significance cannot be overlooked. The smiles they brought to children as they read stories at MacAfee Road School or the feeling of wonder and excitement students at Conackamack Middle School experienced when creating cars running solely on the power of the sun are just a few of the priceless moments that make days like these so important. Although their efforts only spanned one day, the work Eli Lilly did to improve their community will go on to be remembered by the children and agencies they helped for years to come. Thank you, Eli Lilly!

Dental Care Cares for the Environment

Dental Care’s Bridgewater employees weren’t afraid to get a little dirty when they took the morning off to help out at the Environmental Education Center. Volunteers made sure that the entrance to the 9 miles of trails were cleaned up and weeded, spread wood chips in the arboretum, and helped to remove non-native plants. They also planted native trees, organized the library, and cleaned the EEC’s brand-new The Great Swamp Exhibit. Their hard work will be enjoyed by numerous visitors in the upcoming season. Thank you, Dental Care!


Supporting Veterans with UBS

For veterans, life after the military can be challenging and having a place to gather together can often ease that transition.  Employees from UBS volunteered their time to give back to the heroes who have given everything to serve their country at VFW Post 2294, the only remaining VFW  in Jersey City. To celebrate their sacrifices, volunteers decided to bring some color to the building’s faded exterior, painting a beautiful American flag on the outside wall. UBS didn’t stop there, they also worked together to assemble Veterans Hope Packs, complete with basic toiletries and hand-made no-sew fleece blankets to be donated to homeless veterans. Thank you UBS!






Wyndham Hotel Group Breathes Life into Deirdre’s House

Taking a break from playing hosts to countless weary travelers, employees from Wyndham Hotel Group decided to close their hotel doors and devote their morning to sprucing up Deidre’s House for abused and neglected children in Morristown. Eager and ready to serve, these volunteers took it upon themselves to ensure the agency’s children come back to a brighter and more inviting place by giving their backyard a much-needed facelift. Armed with paintbrush and power drills, volunteers got to work building picnic tables, giving new life to an unstained fence, painting a fresh coat of paint to a faded shed, planting beautiful flowers and painting planter murals to help Deirdre’s House look as welcoming as possible to incoming children. Thanks to Wyndham’s selfless volunteers for helping make Deidre’s House feel like a home away from home!

UBS Has a Successful Season of Service

Many would agree that summer is the best season of the year. Great weather, the beach, wearing shorts, and vacations are all reasons we love the summertime. However, for UBS volunteers, summer is meaningful for a different reason. From June-August in 2017, more than 200 UBS volunteers participated in 16 different service events as a part of their “Season of Service” initiative. Click here to read more about their impact! These volunteers painted walls, led workshops with children, assembled furniture, planted flowers, and much more to help benefit public schools, veterans organizations, community centers, public parks, and many other types of nonprofit partners around North Jersey and Hudson County. It was very impressive to not only see UBS volunteers dedicating their time to help out their local communities, but to also see them benefiting a variety of organizations that work with a wide demographic of people. Thank you, UBS for dedicating your summer to helping those who need it the most.


Dental Care Puts Smiles on Students’ Faces

Even a solar eclipse couldn’t stop Dental Care from brightening the lives of others! Volunteers worked with a local community center, landscaping, making summer time crafts and leading an interactive STEM workshop with the students, assembling activity bags, and more. Thanks to their hard work, the students enjoyed another great day at camp. Thank you, Dental Care!






CommVault Works with local Boys and Girls Club

It was CommVault’s first experience volunteering through Jersey Cares and, according to the volunteers, it was a hit! The volunteers worked at a local after school program, assembling snack bags for students, hosting a “photo booth” activity, and more. There was nothing more satisfying for the CommVault volunteers than to see the smiles on all the children’s faces. Thank you, CommVault!


MetLife builds bikes for kids

It was a special occasion for students from a public school in Paterson, NJ as they were invited to MetLife Stadium by MetLife employees for an intimate tour of the stadium. Little did they know, employees from MetLife not only were going to give the students a tour, but they had also assembled brand new bicycles to give away to each of the students. When the children met the MetLife employees and found out they were getting bicycles, pure joy ensued. Thanks to the partnership of MetLife and Groove Management, these kids will enjoy their new bicycles for years to come. Thank you, MetLife!

Bank of America prepares for Spring

Believe it or not, Spring is right around the corner! What better way to prepare local students for Spring than by creating garden kits? Bank of America was certainly up to the task (and frankly they were just sick of the winter). These garden kits included items like seeds, a hand shovel, and other items to help cultivate a sense of environment in these young students. Thank you, Bank of America, for helping bring in the Spring for these students!


Prudential provides hope to Veterans

When it comes to serving our veterans, no one does it like Prudential. Prudential is so passionate about serving our veterans that they created hundreds of “Veterans Hope Kits,” designed for homeless veterans. These kits provide basic toiletries and clothes for homeless veterans including soap, blankets, gloves, toothpaste, and much more. Thank you, Prudential, for thinking of the veterans who sometimes are forgotten and need an extra hand in this world.




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