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Dear Friends,

Jersey Cares was founded in 1993 by volunteers who wanted to make a difference. Starting with an idea and a lot of commitment, they launched what has become today’s Jersey Cares. That group, who got their hands dirty making homes and bringing heart to New Jersey, created the logo that has represented us since the early ‘90s. Today we have grown from those beginnings into a network of volunteers, nonprofits and communities that is exponentially increasing the resources available to our state and building better lives for everyone. Last year, together, we gave over 84,000 hours of service to New Jersey by creating these connections within and among our communities and bringing everyone together for good. As we look to the future, these connections are the essence of our work, founded on the principles of the hand, heart and home in our logo for more than 20 years, and growing to become a new synthesis born of a commitment to work together.

Now, we move forward with a new logo that highlights our focus on building and amplifying these connections. Cradling our name with the compassion of our volunteers, we come together to meet in the middle and produce something new that shines brighter than the sum of its parts.

Thank you for being a part of Jersey Cares’ history and the bright shining future we are building together. We look forward to working with you to make our collective connection glow more brightly every year.

Brian E. Dean
President and CEO
Jersey Cares

UBS Spreads the Love
Love was in the air this February, as a small group of volunteers from UBS helped children at an after-school program in Hoboken, NJ write Valentine’s Day notes to their peers. The volunteers helped the children think of creative, encouraging, and thoughtful notes to write to one another. UBS volunteers also assisted the children in assembling “card boxes,” so each child had something to store all of their Valentine’s Day cards. The Jersey Cares staff has agreed that this may go down in the record books as the cutest event in Jersey Cares history. Thank you, UBS, for showing our youth the many ways they can spread the love.

Bank of America and Bayer participate in MLK Jr. Day of Service
For some, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is just another day off. For Jersey Cares
volunteers, it is a day on. This year Jersey Cares hosted thirteen sites with more than 1,000 volunteers. This year, Bayer and Bank of America had employees participate in our MLK Day of Service. Bank of America spent their day painting murals and college flags for a school in Bridgewater. Bayer spent the day painting murals and making a tile mosaic. We would like to thank all the volunteers who turned their day off into a day on!

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