Read about our featured volunteers and how they are helping communities in NJ

The following are Jersey Cares Volunteer Stars...they all exceeded our expectations and inspired others through their leadership.

July 2017

Kris Kristinsson 

Kris began as a traditional volunteer but decided to become a Project Coordinator (a.k.a. Volunteer Leaders) last spring when he noticed a call-to-action for new leaders in his community. His advice to first-time volunteers is, “be prepared to help and to enjoy serving people”. When Kris is not volunteering, he keeps busy with gardening, photography and travel. His next planned trip is to Iceland, his birthplace and home for the first eight years of his life. Kris studied marketing at NYU and after a successful career, is now enjoying retirement. Since the Fall season of 2016, he’s volunteered more than 150 hours with Jersey Cares. You’ll find Kris giving his time and talent at Marketplace in Toms River and Earth Keepers in Island Beach State Park. He appreciates Marketplace in Toms River because he serves with a wonderful organization, People’s Pantry, to support people within his own community and at Earth Keepers in Island Beach State Park because he enjoys working with nature. Jersey Cares is truly fortunate that Kris decided to make volunteering a significant part of his personal retirement plan. Thanks Kris!


June 2017

Jennifer Payne

Jennifer Payne (JP) has volunteered with Jersey Cares off and on for twenty-two years. She became involved with Jersey Cares because she was looking for opportunities to give back and appreciated the variety of events Jersey Cares offers. Her favorite projects are the Tutor and Mentor events because she enjoys working with kids and Behind the Scenes with Jersey Cares because she can view the inner workings of the Jersey Cares organization. JP became a Project Coordinator because she wanted to become more involved and make volunteers comfortable with projects so they continue to volunteer. JP studied Chemistry at the University of Connecticut and received her MBA from Seton Hall. In addition to volunteering, JP spends her free time doing anything outdoors. Her advice to first time volunteers is to ask questions to make sure you know everything necessary to participate in the opportunity.


May 2017

Siobhan Pringle  

Siobhan Pringle volunteered for several years at Cooking Creations in Morristown before becoming a Project Coordinator last January.  She decided to become a Project Coordinator because it gave her the responsibility to show up and volunteer regularly.  Siobhan now serves as a Project Coordinator at Hunger Helpers in Paterson and volunteers with her dog at Pet Therapy in Hanover.  She finds helping at Hunger Helpers quite gratifying because it involves diverse people from different worlds coming together and the clients are so thankful for everything.  Siobhan has a busy house with a husband, five children and a dog.  She has lived all over the world and went to college in England, majoring in business and computers.  Siobhan enjoys fitness, riding horses, hiking with her dog and simply being outdoors.  Her advice to first-time volunteers is to just get in there and do it as your help will be both beneficial and rewarding. 




April 2017

Maria Cherickal

Maria Cherickal connected with Jersey Cares from a google searching to find out ways to get more involved in the area which she lives. Maria has since served at many of the Jersey Cares volunteer opportunities but her favorite is Advanced Computer Essentials in Elizabeth. She enjoys meeting the other volunteers and the fact that the agency is so friendly and open to her ideas and suggestions. In fact, Maria recently developed a new manual which will be used at this volunteer opportunity in the future. Maria is originally from India and has a degree in English Literature and a Master of Business Administration. When she is not volunteering, Maria enjoys reading, hiking and baking. Her advice to first-time volunteers is to enjoy the company of the people you meet, embrace the spirit of community, and be open all sorts of new experiences.




March 2017 

Ira Swenson  

Ira Swenson recently found herself in between jobs and decided to pursue her goal of volunteering.  She was familiar with Jersey Cares through service projects with her prior employer and, after searching the website, decided to become a Project Coordinator through the Winter Seasons of Service program.  Ira has since served at many of the Jersey Cares volunteer opportunities remarking that the events “are all special in their own ways.”  Her favorite is Marketplace in New Brunswick because she said the organizers are passionate, cheerful and welcoming.  Ira is originally from Germany and studied European Business Administration in Cambridge, England before relocating to the United States.  When she is not volunteering, Ira enjoys swimming, biking, reading and spending time with her husband and 7-year-old son.  Her advice to first-time volunteers is to go in with a positive attitude and open your eyes as there is always something to do. 
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February 2017 

Mecca Keys 

Mecca Keyes returned from her 2012 vacation newly inspired and dedicated to make a difference.  She committed herself to become more involved socially and politically.  A quick Google search led her to the Jersey Cares website and the opportunity to volunteer with Marketplace in Hillside, a project organizing food donations at the Community Foodbank of New Jersey, which is in her Newark community.  Mecca has been volunteering at this project ever since and currently serves as its Project Coordinator.  She enjoys serving in the community in which she lives, meeting the wonderful people who work and volunteer at the Food Bank, and providing food to areas that are essentially food deserts and in desperate need.  Mecca became a Project Coordinator after realizing it would be a good link to her professional skills in Project Management. In addition to her volunteer work, Mecca is working on her post-Master degree in Community Economic Development from Pennsylvania State World Campus and she enjoys reading, cooking and watching Netflix documentaries.  She makes sure all first-time volunteers get a warm welcome and a tour and brief history of the Food Bank.  Her advice to new volunteers is to dress with safety in mind and to come back and volunteer again.


January 2017 

David Jurman 

David Jurman has been a life-long volunteer with Jersey Cares since its inception in 1993. Every month, for the last 23 years, David has participated in our Hunger Helpers in Newark program at the Saint John’s Soup Kitchen giving back to those in need. Throughout his time volunteering, he’s developed a sense of community and family that exists between Jersey Cares and the staff at the Soup Kitchen, which he has found rewarding and satisfying. He chose Jersey Cares because “what is especially appealing to me is the mission of Jersey Cares which is trying to make a positive difference which they to do in such an impactful way.” Not only has he volunteered for the last two decades, he has also been a Project Coordinator leading many volunteer groups attending Hunger Helpers in Newark. David became a leader because “the opportunity to lead a group of like-minded individuals engaged in social action led me to want to become a PC.” David’s commitment and dedication to Jersey Cares has set a tremendous example for all our volunteers who wish to lead in our various volunteer opportunities offered. When he isn’t volunteering in Newark, he’s busy travelling all around the world or attending performing arts.   



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