Collect Coats for the Jersey Cares Coat Drive

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Register here to become a Coat Drive Collection Site!

You can collect coats with Jersey Cares as either a public or private collection site. If you choose to become a public collection site, your address and phone number will be available on our website for anyone in the area to bring you a coat. If you choose to become a private site, we will not share your contact information online and you can collect however you would like amongst your friends, family, or coworkers. 


Create an Online Drive-It's As Easy as 1, 2, 3!

You can also create your own online collection page for free with YouGiveGoods. Email with a name for your page, your name and email, and a logo (if needed) to set up your page today! Anyone who donates through your page will receive a Thank You email with a tax deductible receipt. Coats donated on your YouGiveGoods page are shipped directly to our nonprofit partners to distribute to those who need them as soon as possible.


If you have less than 10 coats to donate, check out our list of Public Collection Sites to drop them off at a location near you! (available in November)


You can donate a coat online through the Jersey Cares Coat Drive YouGiveGoods page here.