Newark Ambassadors


Volunteers who are passionate about Newark as a thriving community. 


Volunteers gear up and stroll through the vibrant community to promote the diverse arts and cultural offerings of Newark. Ambassadors help the public with directions, check-in with local businesses, and act as role models for good citizenship. With a friendly face, we share smiles, random acts of kindness, and information with those who live, play and work in Newark. Join a team of volunteers who are passionate about Newark as a thriving community. 


  • Build a safe, inclusive, and informed community
  • Promote events and activities that bring people together.
  • Provide residents and visitors with a positive experience, inspiring everyone to explore and support our city - Newark, New Jersey. 


In the thriving downtown district of Newark, New Jersey. 

How do I get involved? 

Well, that's easy! If you're as driven and passionate about serving Newark as we are, please contact us. Or, simply click this link and register for a date that works for you.

Newark Ambassadors Volunteer Registration 

Thomas Dougherty

(973) 533-1993