Newark Ambassadors


Volunteers who are passionate about Newark as a thriving community. 


In tandem with our nonprofit partner, teams of volunteers will gear up and stroll through the vibrant community to promote the diverse arts and cultural offerings of Newark. Ambassadors help the public with directions, check-in with local businesses, and act as role models for good citizenship. With a friendly face, we share smiles, random acts of kindness, and information with those who live, play and work in Newark. Join a team of volunteers who are passionate about Newark as a thriving community. The video below is an example of the program we are replicating for Newark. 


  • Build a safe, inclusive, and informed community
  • Promote events and activities that bring people together.
  • Provide residents and visitors with a positive experience, inspiring everyone to explore and support our city - Newark, New Jersey. 


In the thriving downtown district of Newark, New Jersey. 

How do I get involved? 

Well, that's easy! If you're as driven and passionate about serving Newark as we are, please contact Francine. Or, simply click this link and register for a date that works for you.

Newark Ambassadors Volunteer Registration 

Kathrine Dwyer

(973) 533-1993