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Youth Consultation Services - Davis House

YCS Davis House is home to up to 17 boys and girls ages 5 to 10 years old. Children generally spend up to six months in this transitional program. YCS Davis provides a safe, therapeutic environment where each child's developmental needs are met, opportunities for growth are promoted and plans to transition the child to the least restrictive setting possible are maintained. The goal of all YCS "homes away from home" is to help the child learn appropriate behaviors by providing a structured and positive atmosphere where small successes are rewarded consistently. In time, these successes enable the child to move from the facility into a less structured environment - his own home, a foster home, a treatment home, or other suitable place. In the next placement, the child should be able to build on the progress made at the facility and continue to build on strengths.

Children & Youth Education
Newark, NJ, 07104