Each year the Volunteer of The Year Award will be presented to an individual or group that exemplifies the mission and core values of Jersey Cares. This individual or group is the standard by which all acts of service should be measured – they are the touchstone at Jersey Cares. The following is the criteria by which performance is measured and the individual or group is identified.

  • The nominee has demonstrated being a valuable asset to the local community, region or State of New Jersey.

  • The nominee has demonstrated initiative and innovation.

  • The nominee is dedicated to the growth of the organization through capacity building and sustainability initiatives/programs.

  • The nominee inspires others to engage in volunteerism with Jersey Cares.

  • The length of service and number of hours of the nominee are significant and within the Top 10% of overall volunteers at Jersey Cares within a given fiscal year.

2015-2016: Volunteer of The Year

2016-2017: Volunteer of The Year

2017-2018: Volunteer of The Year (Will it be you?)