About the Program

When an animal arrives at a shelter, it has been found as a stray, surrendered or abandoned by its owner, or rescued from a puppy mill. These cats or dogs have no home or owner to love them. They feel unwanted, bewildered, and terrified. Generous Jersey Cares volunteers help ease the pain of this difficult transition by providing comfort to our four legged friends and the shelters which provide a safe haven. Jersey Cares has established the Animal Shelter Helpers program to provide no-kill rescue shelters in need of items for animals during their stay prior to a permanent adoption. As soon as items are received they are distributed to participating agencies. This is an ongoing initiative - there is no deadline for collected items.


Items to Collect

Items may be used but they must be in good condition. The items in need for Animal Shelter Helpers include:



  Dog food-dry or canned

  Dog treats

  Dog toys

  Collars and leashes for large dogs

  3 quart stainless steel dog bowls

  Cat food - dry or canned

  Cat treats

  Cat toys

  Kitty Litter

  Cat beds

  KMR Milk Replacement Formula for Kittens

  Dust Pans

  Nail clippers for cats

  Turbo Scratcher replacement pads

  Six inch paper plates

  Blankets & towels for bedding

  Paper Towels, tissues, toilet tissue

  Spray Bottles

  Scrubber sponges

  Clorox disinfecting wipes


  Laundry Detergent

  Dish Detergent

  Hand Soap

Organize a Drive

If your office, club or group of friends would like to conduct your own drive please fill out the collection site registration form or contact our office with any questions you may have. We welcome group participation and are happy to help you conduct a successful drive.


Agency Recipients

If you are an agency interested in receiving Animal Shelter items, please fill out the agency application form or contact Vanessa Martinez 


Delivery Information

Please deliver or ship all items directly to the Jersey Cares Office:


Attn: Animal Shelter Helpers

Jersey Cares