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Volunteer in New Jersey with Jersey Cares! Volunteer throughout New Jersey when you want, where you want, with no long-term commitment. 
Make a difference today!

Becton Dickinson Spreads the Love
Every year, 100 volunteers from Becton Dickinson split up to volunteer at four different locations in the North Jersey area. Rather than focusing on just one impact area, these volunteers wanted to get a taste of all sorts of different types of volunteer projects. For those who were more passionate about hunger and homelessness, sorting food and clothing donations in Paterson, NJ was perfect. Health and wellness was also a theme for a group spending their day brightening the facilities at a hospital in Elizabeth, NJ. Others decided to spend the day outside, raking leaves, planting trees, spreading mulch, and conducting other environmental improvements at parks in both Newark and Morris County. There are no limits as to what the volunteers from BD can accomplish. Thank you, Becton Dickinson!

Mondelez goes worldwide for Global Volunteer Month

When most people think of Mondelez, they think of the company that makes your favorite treats like Oreos and Chips Ahoy! However, Mondelez does much more than just satisfy your snack cravings. When the Jersey Cares staff thinks of Mondelez, they think of the Mondelez Global Volunteer Month each October. This year, Mondelez spent their time conducting 5 different volunteer projects in the New Jersey area. Focusing on the theme of health and wellness, over 150 Mondelez volunteers conducted projects such as creating garden kits for students, painting planter pots and landscaping for a support center in Morristown, NJ, sorting food donations at a local food bank, and much more. Thanks again Mondelez, for your continued support of global volunteerism!

Fidelity Invests in Jersey City
Jersey City is home to various corporations who are committed to making an impact in their local community. Our good friends at Fidelity are some of the most committed volunteers in the area. About 100 Fidelity employees spent a day in October supporting the issue of hunger and homelessness in Jersey City. Not only did a small group of Fidelity volunteers spend time at a local homeless shelter sorting and organizing food donations, but another large group of volunteers took time out of their day to make hundreds of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to be donated to that same homeless shelter. Thank you, Fidelity volunteers, for making a positive impact in the Jersey City community!

The BNP Changenators
BNP Paribas is known for making positive change in communities all around the country. So much so, that they call their volunteers the “Changenators.” For this years’ BNP Paribas National Volunteer Week, Jersey Cares helped organize events for the Changenators in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Changes occurred in two North Jersey public schools, where volunteers planted flowers, painted murals, and greatly improved the physical space of both school buildings.  Another group of Changenators also transformed a North Jersey mountain reservation by installing bird houses, removing invasive species of plants, and installing a fence. Finally, in King of Prussia, PA, the Changetors took time out of their day to assemble Bravery Award Kits for children whose parents are currently serving overseas in the military. Thank you, BNP Paribas and the Changenators, for making positive change throughout NJ and PA.