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What is Branch Brook Park Alliance?

Branch Brook Park Alliance is the conservancy for Essex County Branch Brook Park. While Essex County remains the primary steward of the park, Branch Brook Park Alliance aims to shine a spotlight on Essex County Branch Brook Park and by doing so; ensure that our beloved park is cared for by everyone. 



What are the opportunities for volunteer engagement?

Branch Brook Park Alliance works by developing a structure for community stewardship among a fully engaged coalition of institutions of higher learning, leading corporate and private citizens, and other stakeholders who care about Essex County Branch Brook Park. Leading the movement is a core group of well-trained individuals who assist Essex County Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs with seasonal maintenance and upkeep throughout the Park. Year-round we have teams of supervised volunteers deployed throughout the Park working on several site-specific projects.  Volunteers are invited to assist once or multiple times. Here are three ways to serve this opportunity.


Volunteer in The Park

Individuals, large groups, small teams – everyone can register for one day or multiple. It’s that easy - register here!

"My Park": Individual and Team Ownership

We’re seeking garden clubs, individuals, community groups, or teams to own the park, “My Park.” This opportunity only requires your time and a brief recurring commitment. You can own one recurring day for three months (or more when possible). For example, you or your team would commit to serving the 3rd Thursday of every month for a full season. To learn more and/or express interest, please contact Summer, EMAIL CLICK HERE.

Internships In The Park

We have space for anyone interested in learning more about program development, youth workforce development, caring for gardens, parks, and horticultural aspects of all. To learn more, email Thomas EMAIL CLICK HERE.

Do you have other volunteer-related questions?

Please reach out to us.

Branch Brook Park Alliance 

(973) 969-1189 






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