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Questions about volunteering with Jersey Cares? Check out Frequently Asked Questions below. Still can't find what you are looking for? Email us at or call us at 973.533.1993. 

How do I register to volunteer?

Registering is easy! Simply click on the "Login" button on top of the screen. If you are already a member, type in your username and password. If you are new, click on the "Not a Member? Register" link and fill in the necessary information. Once you are done, click "submit" and start searching for projects.

How can I get my company involved with Jersey Cares?

If you are interested in getting your company involved with Jersey Cares, complete the Corporate Service Inquiry Form here

How can I become a Partner Agency?

If you are interested in becoming a Partner Agency, register here and call us at (973) 533-1993.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

Jersey Cares allows children as young as 4 to volunteer. Keep in mind, every project has different minimum age limits so it is best to carefully read the project description or call our office at (973) 533-1993. For all volunteers under the age of 18 years old, Jersey Cares requires a youth waiver completed by a parent of guardian. Completed waivers are to be provided to a Jersey Cares staff member or Project Coordinator at the time of the project. Individuals under 18 years old without a completed waiver CANNOT volunteer. For a copy of the Jersey Cares youth waiver, click here.

How can I find projects that are appropriate for families/children?

To find a family friendly project or projects suitable for children, select the "Appropriate for" filter on the left hand side of the "Find an Opportunity" page. Make sure to select the correct age group to find appropriate projects.

Can I go to a project without registering?

No, you cannot go to a project without registering.

What do I do if the project I want to volunteer for is filled?

If the project you want to volunteer for is filled, you have two options. One--register and be placed on a wait list; you will receive a notification if there becomes an opening. Two--browse through our other projects and see if the project is being held on a different date/time. Many of our projects are recurring and are held on various days.

How can I create a team?

To create a team, you first have to sign into your account through the Jersey Cares website. If you currently are not registered, then read the steps above under "How do I register to volunteer." Once you are signed in, click on the "Create a New Team" and fill in the required fields.

NOTE: Adding team members does not automatically sign up volunteers to your team. They will be sent an invitation via email to join your team. In the email they will be prompted to sign-in and either accept or decline the invitation.

What should I wear to a project?

Please wear clothing and shoes that are comfortable and that you would not mind getting dirty as some of our projects involve painting, landscaping and working with animals. If you project is outside, please check the weather so you may dress accordingly.

Will supplies be provided?

For most of the projects, supplies will be provided. Please be sure to check the project description to make sure the project you are signed up for does not require you to bring supplies. If you are unsure, feel free to call the Jersey Cares office at (973) 533-1993.

How can I become a volunteer leader - Project Coordinator?

To become a Project Coordinator (PC) you will need to be a Jersey Cares volunteer who has participated in at least 2 projects on the monthly calendar within the past year, complete an application which can be downloaded here, attend an interview and a training which includes learning how to use the Jersey Cares website and the administrative website. For more information visit the Project Coordinator Page or contact us at (973) 533-1993.

How do I remove myself?

To remove yourself from a project, log into your account. On the main page of your account, you will see all of the opportunities that you are assigned up for. Under the "Action/Status" field, you will see an option called "Remove Me," click on this link. A warning box will appear asking you if you are sure you want to remove yourself from this opportunity--if you are sure click OK. If not, click cancel.

Can I leave a project early?

We ask that all of our volunteers be able to stay for the duration of the project.

Does Jersey Cares accept in-kind donations?

Jersey Cares holds various collection drives throughout the year; for more information on these drives click here. If you are looking to donate items that are not collection from one of our drives (i.e. food, furniture, books, etc.) or have items that you would like to donate during non-collection times, please call our office at (973) 533-1993 and we will refer you to one of our partner agencies. If you are a nonprofit organization and are interested in receiving donated items, please contact Thomas Dougherty at (973) 533-1993.

Does Jersey Cares compensate or reimburse me for volunteering? 

Volunteering is not compensated as you are donating generously your time, talent and other resources. Also, volunteers do not receive reimbursement for mileage, parking, supplies or anything purchased at your own free will. In addition, Jersey Cares does not pay fines, tickets, towing or any other bill received while volunteering. If you drive, we encourage everyone to obey the law.

Where can I find a copies of Jersey Cares volunteer waivers?

You can find a copy of the Jersey Cares Adult Waiver, click here. For a copy of the Youth Waiver, click here.

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