“We must adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles.” ― Jimmy Carter

As we navigate what service looks like during these stressful times, the simple truth is that service and commitment to our communities has never been more important.  Providing support to our neighbors while providing opportunities for our team members to make a difference is critical, not only to the communities where we live and work but to the well-being of our employees.  Research indicates that helping others triggers impacts to our brain in many positive ways, one of which counteracts the effects of the stress hormone.  Let us help you take the stress out of service while impacting your world and your team members. 

The Jersey Cares Corporate Service Program provides our partners with tailored community service opportunities. Companies benefit from individualized corporate volunteer initiatives designed expressly for their employees and created specifically to accommodate their needs and schedules, while addressing community identified needs. 

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

While the pandemic has put a pause on many in-person volunteer events, the demand for virtual volunteerism has grown exponentially. Jersey Cares has developed a wide variety of nationally coveted virtual volunteer programs that benefit communities around the country, and in New Jersey, including our virtual workshops, appreciation videos, virtual art projects, and many more. 

Additional Remote Opportunities

  • Virtual Team Building Programs – As the virtual workspace has become the new normal for corporate employees around the world, companies are looking for ways to keep their teams connected.  With virtual volunteer activities that encourage teamwork and foster collaboration, you can turn any virtual meeting into an opportunity to build your team and strengthen your community.   
  • At-Home Kit Assembly – Looking for an opportunity to get a little more hands-on, but remain virtual?  Jersey Cares offers a selection of “kit-assembly” volunteer projects that can be conducted from home.  Supplies and instructions are sent directly to your team members' homes and completed individually or as part of a virtual event.  All completed kits are then donated to organizations such as shelters or public schools to help meet emergent needs. 
  • Healthy Food Delivery Program – Help provide individual boxes of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and bread to communities struggling with food insecurity.  While helping to address food insecurity in the region, this program also supports local farmers, bakeries, dairies, and the communities they are located in.   

Skills-Based Volunteer Program

Leveraging the skills and expertise of your employees, Jersey Cares will create customized in-person or virtual skills-based volunteer projects that increase a nonprofit organization’s capacity to serve their community. This program provides corporate employees with an impactful project that enhances their overall work experience and allows them to use their skills in new and meaningful ways, while creating a deep connection to the nonprofit they are supporting.  Projects can be crafted around improving a nonprofit’s marketing, technology, program development, social media, employee leadership, and more. 

In-Person Corporate Volunteerism

Despite the increase of virtual volunteerism since the pandemic, nonprofit organizations around the country are in critical need for in-person volunteers to improve their capacity to serve. Jersey Cares partners with hundreds of nonprofit organizations to engage corporate volunteers in meaningful projects while taking all necessary safety precautions when planning in-person events such as enforcing social distancing guidelines and providing volunteers with project specific PPE.  

Corporate Service Inquiry Form

If you are a corporate organization looking to learn more about any of the Jersey Cares Corporate Service Program initiatives, please fill out this inquiry form and a Jersey Cares staff member will contact you as soon as possible.

Nonprofit Partner Inquiry

If you are a nonprofit organization or public school looking to learn more about ways to partner with Jersey Cares for projects via the Corporate Service Program, please email Evan Lewis, Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations at evan@jerseycares.org.