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Program Overview

The Jersey Cares Corporate Consulting Program helps companies maximize their employee engagement programs and better meet community-identified needs through in-depth assessments, program management strategies, and training tools. Working alongside teams such as Human Resource (HR) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Jersey Cares tailors consulting services to match companies’ unique needs and strategic goals. Whether you are in the ideation phase or have a fully developed program, Jersey Cares can help inform your path to success!

Our Expertise

  • Research & Development: Meeting companies where they are at, we implement a customized, hands-on, research approach to help corporate teams discover and/or define their philanthropic and employee engagement goals. We can then design a program strategy that best meets these goals, bringing value to both employees and community partners.
  • Program Management: We support companies in the management of existing employee engagement and volunteer programs or can deploy and manage new programs previously identified or developed during the Research and Development phase.
  • Training and Tools: We offer customizable trainings and tools to support companies in running, evaluating, and scaling their social impact, employee engagement, and volunteer programs.

A La Carte Services

  • CSR Program Assessment

  • Global Volunteer Service Planning

  • Employee Volunteer Program Development

  • Volunteer Leader Training

  • Volunteer Leader Toolkit Development

  • Volunteer Recognition Strategies

  • Skills-Based Volunteer Programming

  • Impact Measurement & Reporting


If you are an organization looking to learn more about any of the Jersey Cares Corporate Consulting Program initiatives, please fill out this inquiry form or contact John Infante, Director of Corporate Solutions, at and a Jersey Cares staff member will contact you as soon as possible. 

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