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Project Coordinators (PCs) are stewards and ambassadors of Jersey Cares, leading other volunteers in projects that benefit the community. Project Coordinators drive social change by leading well-managed, sustainable projects and programs that strengthen and leverage community assets, meet community-identified needs, and provide volunteers with a positive experience, inspiring everyone to continue their journey of service.

What are the Desired Attributes of a PC?

  • Demonstrated ability to work with teams.

  • Organizational and planning skills.

  • Strong leadership skills.

  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Access to the internet on a regular basis.

    What are the Benefits of Becoming a PC?

  • Gain skills and experience in leadership and project management.

  • Develop relationships with supportive, active agency representatives.

  • Access to our Leadership Development Series.

  • Become a key member of a strong network of volunteers, agencies and Jersey Cares affiliations that make an even greater difference in New Jersey.

    What is the Time Committment?

  • Lead a minimum of one project per month based on your availability and interest. 

  • A six month commitment is preferred, but not required.

    How Soon Can I Start?

  • Rolling throughout the year. When you are ready to serve the community as a leader, call us at 973-533-1993.

    What are the Responsibilities?

  • Be a Jersey Cares Ambassador - actively promote Jersey Cares volunteer opportunities.

  • Lead a minimum of one project per month.

  • Attend periodic leadership development training.

  • Attend bi-monthly leadership development webinars.

  • Track all project information in the administrative website.

    How Do I Get Started?

  • Follow the steps below to complete a Project Coordinator Application (or Click here for a brief video): 
  1. Login to your Jersey Cares account or create a volunteer profile at
  2. Under the "My Account" complete the "Project Coordinator Application", click submit.
  3. Register for a training on the volunteer opportunity calendar - click here.

What Happens Next?

  • Participate in a phone interview.
  • Pass and pay for the criminal background verification process (cost is $16). This is your background check that is valid for other volunteer opportunities.

  • Participate in leadership training session.

  • The session cover the core leadership competencies, essential to your success as a PC.

  • Learn how to use the website and the volunteer leader administrative website.

    Questions? Please call us at 973-533-1993 or email for assistance.

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