Jersey Cares Staff who create and manage volunteer opportunities in NJ


   President and CEO

   Brian E. Dean




Director of Operations
Patrice Johnson

External Affairs


Vice President of External Affairs

Michelle Dee


Senior Resource Developmenet Officer 

Joe Vaccaro



Director of Corporate Relations 

Evan Lewis



Director of External Affairs

Kristen Coppola



Corporate Relations Manager
Ryan Mealy 



  Corporate Relations Manager

  Jessica Cruz-Breeman



  Corporate Relations Manager

  Joe Sullivan



Service Events Manager

Meagan Mulligan

Health in the Community   

Director of Health in the Community

Brenda Teed



Senior Program Manager of Health in the Community

Cynthia Armand





Programs Department


Vice President of Programs 

Michele Epifani


New Jersey Community-Based Initiatives 

Program Manager
Agency Relations 
Yvenson Monperousse

Program Manager
Leadership Development 

Ashley Valle

Program Manager
Volunteer Relations



Newark Community-Based Initiatives 

Program Coordinator
Newark Community Based Initiatives 



Youth Workforce Development

Program Director
Youth Workforce Development

Care of the Park


Chief Operating Officer
Care of the Park 

Thomas B. Dougherty, Jr. 


Gardener Foreman
Care of the Park 

Alexis Trujillo-Graham