Organization Profile

The Antonia Maria Foundation

The Antonia Maria Foundation (AMF) is one of the few women only, long-term structured, sober living houses in the New Jersey Area. We are a licensed class F cooperative sober living residence as well as NJAAR certified. We assist women as they move from dependent and often abusive or substance dependent relationships to strong spiritual women of recovery. We are currently in the process of opening our second home, Leo’s House in 2021 which will house more women right next door to Gracie’s House. We believe in the use of ancient spiritual healing techniques in tandem with the 12 Steps to help create a space for our women to rid themselves of past traumas, practice self-love, and grow into empowered women. We understand that every woman’s journey is different, therefore the recovery process should be exactly that – unique and personalized.

Adult Education, Children & Youth Education, Health & Wellness, Civic & Community, Family Services, Homelessness, Gender Equality
Families, LGBT(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Transgender), Children & Youth, Women
828 Livingston Ave, New Brunswick, NJ, 08902, USA