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Ridge Street School

Ridge Street School/Early Childhood Center envisions our students to be educated in a safe innovative school climate and culture that is nurtured by the collaborative and shared responsibility of building on the strengths, talents, and expertise of administrators, teachers, students, parents and the community. With a focus on an “impetus for renewal,” we will perpetuate our belief that Ridge Street School/Early Childhood Center is one that projects a “spirit of caring,” by providing our students with an interdisciplinary learning environment which adheres to NCLB, NJCCCS, and differentiated instruction of the research-based programs mandated by the Newark Public Schools. Providing all of our students with equal access to a “Culture of Possibility” in which curiosity, research, critical thinking, risk-taking, problem-solving, rigor and diversity are valued and encouraged, will support our district’s number one goal – increased student achievement. Our “visionary efforts for change” will empower our students to develop academically, emotionally, physically and socially; thereby, expanding their educational horizons for them to be life-long learners, effective citizens and productive adults in the 21st century.

Children & Youth Education
Newark, NJ, 07104

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