Organization Profile

Hawthorne Avenue Elementary School

Mission: Hawthorne Avenue School will provide its students with a culturally relevant context from which to develop 21st century skills. The successes and struggles of our ancestors will provide an ongoing source for inspiration, pride, strength, self-identity, and empowerment for their current and future academic, political and social achievement. Total Enrollment: 397 Total Minority Enrollment: 99% Total eligible for free/reduced lunches: 83% The Administration, Staff, and Community of Hawthorne Avenue School believe that all children will learn. We accept the responsibility of providing an atmosphere that seeks to foster a tone of decency that embraces an environment conducive to learning. The accomplishment of these goals will come about through: * A commitment by all staff to become a professional learning community. * A commitment by all staff to implement and integrate research based strategies that encompass and enhance the learning styles of all children * A commitment by all staff to provide active learning environments A commitment by all staff to permeate high expectations for student learning throughout the building.

Children & Youth Education
Newark, NJ, 07102