Organization Profile

Dr. E Alma Flagg School


Total Enrollment: 535 Total Minority Enrollment: 100% Total eligible for free/reduced lunches: 93% Dr. E. Alma Flagg Elementary School is committed to creating a healthy environment conducive to the enhancement of academic success by identifying and maximizing the collective talents of its students, teachers, administrators, staff, parents, and community. We are committed to the creation of a learning environment, which will enable all students to achieve the skills to function in a democratic society by becoming productive and positive citizens. The Newark Public Schools District’s mission is to develop a productive citizen who is distinguished in all aspects of academic endeavors and willing to challenge the status quo in our society. We are committed to ensuring that our policies and practices will prepare our students for a world that is increasingly diverse and knowledge driven. We expect our schools and classroom environments to be emotionally safe and intellectually challenging. We pledge to partner with parents, groups, and organizations that add support to the mission by changing hearts and minds to value education.

Children & Youth Education
Newark, NJ, 07107