Organization Profile

Sojourner Truth Middle PTO

The mission of Sojourner Truth Middle School is to provide a positive, caring and safe environment conducive to learning, where students are equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to meet the challenges and opportunities that they will encounter in their lives. Additionally, they produce students who are knowledgeable of the world and of who they are, ready to take on a leadership role in today's competitive society, and will be fruitful in every aspect of their life. Sojourner Truth Middle School maximizes the potential of students by offering students opportunities to participate and achieve success in an array of innovative and challenging programs. Sojourner Truth Middle School offers diverse courses to enrich the minds of students. Also implemented is an effective single-gender program where students learn in single-gender classrooms. Furthermore, a school uniform policy is enforced in an effort to maintain a professional learning environment. In the current school, there are 470 students and 65% are eligible for free or reduced lunch.

Children & Youth Education