Organization Profile

Military Park Partnership

“The Military Park Partnership was formed to revitalize Military Park into a signature public space for the people of Newark. The mission of MPP is: to create a vibrant and dynamic outdoor space where those who live and work in Newark can come to relax, meet and talk to new people, have fun, and participate in new experiences; to help to energize Newark’s downtown and the surrounding city; to enhance the real estate value of surrounding properties and encourage economic development in Newark; and to help improve the public perception of downtown Newark by helping to prevent disorder and crime through attracting patrons at all hours and thus fostering a safer environment. MPP’s goal is to make the park welcoming and engaging for its users by providing sanitation, security services, clean restrooms, gardens and seasonal horticultural installations, and free and interesting amenities, programs, and entertainment for people of all ages. MPP is privately funded, and operates Military Park with private sector techniques and management methods.”

Newark, NJ, 07102