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The mission of the Second Reformed Church of New Brunswick is to be a community of Christians called by God to be a living witness to God’s saving grace in Jesus Christ through proclaiming God’s word, living as a community of Christ’s disciples, caring for and nurturing one another, developing the talents and resources God has given, engaging in mission to the people among whom God has placed us, new life in Jesus Christ. The second reformed church New Brunswick is running a food pantry for the local community. The food pantry is unique in that families get to choose their own food rather than receive a pre-packaged set. Families are given “points” based on the number of members in the family. These points can be redeemed for foods across several categories – proteins, beans, vegetables, fruits, rice, pasta, cereals, and miscellaneous items.

Hunger, Homelessness
New Brunswick, New Jersey, 08901

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