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Prudential Interns Support Their Local Community in Newark 
Being an intern for Prudential in Newark, NJ is more than an opportunity to gain valuable experience within the insurance industry. It is also a great opportunity to rally your peers together to give back to the local community. Last week, 250 interns from Prudential took time out of their day to revitalize an elementary school in Newark working their tails off to improve the school by painting inspirational murals in the hallways, assembling benches and picnic tables, painting line games such as hopscotch, assembling furniture for the library, and much more. After it was all said and done, an ice cream truck stopped by to give the volunteers the reward they deserved for all of their hard work. Thank you, Prudential, for all of your many contributions! 

Pfizer Goes to Camp
Pfizer employees made a tremendous difference this May when they took two days out of the their busy schedules to help transform a summer camp for Newark youth. This camp is a summer camp where kids learn how to swim, ride a bike, and many other important childhood lessons for the first time. About 80 Pfizer employees wanted to make sure this camp was in tip-top shape prior to the children arriving for the summer. The volunteers thoroughly refreshed all of the buildings by sweeping, washing windows, and painting the interior and exterior walls. They also built 8 new picnic tables for the children to enjoy breakfast or lunch, created mosaic murals to be hung around the camp, removed weeds, spread mulch, and planted flowers in the camp garden, built planter benches, and much more. At the end of two hard days, the camp was transformed. Only time will tell how much the children will enjoy their summer camp, but in the meantime, a huge thank you goes out to Pfizer and their hard working volunteers. Great work, Pfizer!

Prologis Makes an IMPACT Both Locally and Globally
As a part of their global IMPACT Day, employees from Prologis participated in service projects around the world to benefit communities, schools, and non-profit organizations. 30 Prologis employees from their East Rutherford, NJ location made a more local impact at a school in Paterson, NJ. These volunteers worked extremely hard building picnic tables and planting flowers for the courtyard, repainting the lines of the outdoor basketball court, interacting with the students in a “Fit & Fun” workshop, and painting a United State Map on the blacktop. The students and staff members of the school were blown away by the efforts of the volunteers. Not only did the work of these volunteers directly impact the lives of children in Paterson, but also contributed to a larger movement by Prologis around the globe. Thank you, Prologis, for your global contributions!
Pfizer Kids Team Up to Give Back
As a part of Bring Your Child to Work Day, 70 children of Pfizer employees created dozens of kits to be donated to children in hospitals, recreation centers, and transitional homes. A total of six teams were put to the test creating Birthday in a Bag kits, helping underprivileged children throw their own birthday parties, Giggle Bags and Super Hero Capes, providing recovering children in the hospital with items to boost their spirits, and Fitness Kits, filled with items to help promote healthy and active lifestyles. Though these kids had the day off from school, that did not stop them from working extremely hard to put together these amazing kits for their underprivileged peers. Thank you, kids of Pfizer, for making a huge difference!