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Program Overview

If you are passionate about New Jersey, want to improve the communities you care about most, and are looking for a leadership opportunity with flexible commitment, the Jersey Cares Ambassadors program is perfect for you.

Jersey Cares Ambassadors are civic leaders in New Jersey. They play a pivotal role in advancing the mission of Jersey Cares by participating in impactful service projects, raising awareness about pressing issues facing New Jersey communities, recruiting volunteers, and fundraising on behalf of the communities served by Jersey Cares. 

You don't need to be an individual to join Jersey Cares Ambassadors. Businessess, community groups, sports teams, and other organizations are welcome to join the movement.

By joining the Jersey Cares Ambassadors, you will play an important role in bringing warmth and comfort to those experiencing homelessness, ensuring children receive essential school supplies every year, providing meals to hungry families, and much more. 

What Does a Jersey Cares Ambassador Do?

Jersey Cares Ambassadors volunteeradvocate, and fundraise in support of New Jersey communities:

Volunteer. Participate in volunteer projects listed on the Volunteer Opportunity Calendar, start your own Collection Drives, engage your children in Youth Service Opportunities, or join forces with your colleagues through our Corporate Service Program. While there is no obligation to partake in a specific number of volunteer opportunities, Jersey Cares suggests engaging in at least 4 volunteer projects, events, or initiatives per year.

Advocate. Use your social media presence to help Jersey Cares increase the level of meaningful volunteer engagement in New Jersey while raising awareness about pressing issues like food insecurity, access to education, environmental conservation, and others. Ambassadors will receive monthly Jersey Cares Social Media Toolkits to guide their efforts in recruiting volunteers and advocating for New Jersey communities. Ambassadors are encouraged, not required, to use their social media accounts at least once a month to advocate for Jersey Cares.

Fundraise. Raise funds in support of New Jersey communities. Donations play a crucial role in driving Jersey Cares' mission forward and building a more civic-minded society. Ambassadors will receive a Jersey Cares Ambassador Toolkit to guide their online fundraising efforts. Ambassadors are encouraged, not required, to host at least one online fundraiser per year. 

How to Become a Jersey Cares Ambassador

Anyone can be a Jersey Cares Ambassador. Here's how to get started: 

1. Complete the registration form below to join Jersey Cares Ambassadors. By doing so, you'll gain access to the Jersey Cares Ambassador Toolkit and Jersey Cares Social Media Toolkit. You'll  also receive monthly e-mails containing volunteer opportunities, calls-to-action, exclusive events, and best practices for maximizing your impact. 

2. Start volunteering. Review the Jersey Cares Ambassador Toolkit to learn how to sign-up for projects on the Volunteer Opportunity Calendar, start your own Collection Drives, and more. Ambassadors are encouraged to participate in at least 4 volunteer projects or initiatives per year. 

3. Advocate for Jersey Cares on social media. The Jersey Cares Social Media Toolkit equips you with images, captions, and instructions to advocate for New Jersey communities on social. Ambassadors are encouraged to advocate for Jersey Cares at least once a month using their social media accounts.

4. Host an online fundraiser for Jersey Cares. The Jersey Cares Ambassador Toolkit offers step-by-step guidance on launching online fundraisers. Ambassadors are encouraged to host at least one online fundraiser per year.


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