November 1st through December 10th 2021

There are so many children in need of joy and cheer all over the world – and so many here in our own New Jersey neighborhoods. Last year, Jersey Cares responded to 5,308 letters to Frosty from children in New Jersey who may not normally receive gifts around the holidays. The children receiving gifts are from shelters and other non-profit organizations across the state that have programs for children in need. Some of these agencies also benefit from Jersey Cares’ Volunteer Opportunity Calendar projects, Corporate Service projects, Collection Drives or the Annual Coat Drive. Jersey Cares connects our nonprofit partners' children in need with Frosty’s Friends volunteers.

How It Works

During the holiday season, Jersey Cares gives volunteers the opportunity to give back directly to a child in need through our annual gift-giving program. Frosty’s Friends aims to spread holiday cheer to children in shelters or transitional housing facilities during the holiday season. Volunteers will receive a note from a child with their agency information and gift ideas. Corporate and civic groups are highly encouraged to register. We also recruit volunteers to wrap gifts that are purchased via our Amazon Wish List - check the Jersey Cares Project Calendar in December for dates and times.

Children Write Letters or Draw Pictures for Frosty

Our nonprofit partners send us letters written by the kids they serve requesting a gift for the holidays. We work with schools, shelters, churches, after-school programs, and child development centers across the state of New Jersey to serve children who may not receive any other gifts for the holidays besides their Frosty's Friends gifts. Children who are too young to write can draw pictures instead.

The Jersey Cares Team Reviews and Distributes Letters

Jersey Cares volunteers assist us in reading the children's letters to Frosty and then Jersey Cares staff members electronically send the letters to individual volunteers, corporate groups, and civic teams who will answer the letters and donate a gift to each child.

Volunteers Sign Up to Receive Letters and Donate Gifts

Volunteers sign up to receive Frosty's Friends letters from NJ kids. All you have to do is decide how many letters you or your team would like to answer (each letter comes with about a $25-$40 gift commitment) and then register to request your letters. You can always request more letters later on until we are out of letters to distribute, but please keep in mind that you are responsible for responding to ALL letters you request and there is no guarantee that two separate letter requests will come from the same nonprofit partner.

Gifts Arrive at Nonprofit Partner Agencies

Volunteers wrap and label each gift according to the guidelines set by Jersey Cares. They then mail their gifts directly to our nonprofit partners or arrange a drop off using the contact information provided on their letters by Friday, December 10th. Our nonprofit partners then distribute the gifts to the kids to enjoy!

Questions? Check out of Frosty's Friends FAQ page for more details and to see the answers to some of our most common questions!
How to Get Involved

Register to Respond to Letters

As a volunteer for Frosty's Friends you will have the opportunity to provide a child between the ages of 3-16 with what may be the only gift they receive for the holidays this year. You may request as many letters as you would like, but keep in mind that for each letter you are asked to purchase a gift between $25-40 and are responsible for mailing or delivering the gift directly to the nonprofit partner. We ask that our volunteers do not spend more than the recommended gift limit, but encourage volunteers to request mulitple letters if they wish to make a bigger impact. Starting in November, we will begin to distribute letters via email. Letters will be sent to volunteers in the order in which the requests are received.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide children’s personal addresses or last names, and all communication must go through our agency partners for confidentiality reasons. Each letter or picture will be labeled with the originating agency's information including an adult’s contact name and phone number for any specific questions.

Please send your gifts in time to reach your child's respective agency no later than, Friday, December 10th, 2021. The address and contact information for your child can be found at the bottom of your child's letter. Jersey Cares is not financially responsible for shipping or delivery expenses.

Ready to drop off? To check the delivery schedule for your assigned agency prior to drop off, please click HERE.

Gifts are not accepted at the Jersey Cares office - please do not send or deliver gifts to Jersey Cares.

To register to receive Frosty's letters, please click HERE when registration opens on November 1st.

Send Gifts via Amazon Wish List

The Amazon Wish List will open in November 2021.

For volunteers who wish to get involved with Frosty's Friends without receiving letters, our Amazon Wish List will help us to fulfill additional children's gift requests. Registration is not required to send gifts from our Amazon Wish List - simply click the link and go! Amazon Wish Lists will be updated weekly - check out this week's lists HERE.

To see a thank you drawing from one of the children benefitting from this week's wish list, please click HERE.

Please DO NOT use the Amazon Wish List to purchase gifts for letters you have received. This is an additional way to participate in Frosty's Friends.

Thank you to our sponsors

Questions? Check out our FAQ page or contact us at or (973) 533-1993.